I’m Eric

Hi there!

Do you love Lego as much as I do?  Since you found my Lego website, I am thinking you do.  I am an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego).  I love to get new sets, put them together, take detailed pictures, and then share them with you.

My goal is to have the most complete reviews of Lego sets on the Internet.  Instead of just posting the same boring photos of Lego sets on a white background I like to show the true detail of each set, or minifigure, just like you were playing with it or holding it in your hand.  I give opinions and my thoughts on the build, and share some cool details, but don’t give away too much so you will still have fun building it yourself.  But if you can’t build it, you will get a great description and story, because that’s what I love to do.

I love everything about Lego.  From opening the box to sorting the pieces, to looking through the instruction books, to building the models, to playing with the models, and even storing and saving the sets.  I try to share all that with you every few days as I collect even more and more sets.

Here’s a little bit of trivia- in most of the pictures, you can see that I build my sets on a wooden table.  This table is in our guest bedroom (my Lego room) and measures 42 inches long by 28 inches deep, and is 28.5 inches tall.  It was my grandmother’s desk where she used to write all her letters, and is very special to me because she bought me my very first Lego set when I was a little boy.  I wish I still had that set.  IT was set 497 – The Galaxy Explorer.

All the pictures on this site were taken by me.  Most of the time I use an old Nikon D-200 camera and a 50mm lens.  Sometimes I use my iPhone.  Almost always I use a tripod.  All the images are edited using Apple’s Aperture professional image editing program.  If you use any of the pictures somewhere else on the web, please link back to this site.  That’s how you can give me credit – Thanks!

Be sure to like and  bookmark this site.  Come back every day because I’m always adding new stuff.  You can also find me on Twitter, @minifigology where you can ask me anything about Lego.  I always know the answer.


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