Professor LegoI started this site because when I was a kid in the 1970’s the only way I could learn what new Lego sets were coming out was through the brochure that came with a set, or in a Toys-R-Us catalog.  There was no Internet.  No Twitter, No Lego.com.

Now that I am an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego), I wanted to create a fun, easy to use place showcasing all the different Lego sets I can get my hands on.

As I look around the web, I see a lot of Lego Fan sites with violence.  This website is 100% kid safe, for any age.  I don’t use bad language, or show content that is not appropriate for everyone, big or small.

I’m a Lego purist.  I don’t really collect sets that aren’t official Lego.  I don’t like how Lego includes stickers instead of printing directly on the bricks.  I like to build a set and keep it as original as I can.  If I want to create something new, I try to buy a duplicate set so that I can have enough pieces to make what I want.

I’m more of a hoarder than a collector.  I don’t save boxes, but I do have a complete, organized, binder system of all the instructions and paper handouts that come inside the box.

Over time, I hope to be able to add some videos, but for now, this is just a plain ‘ol site with lots of descriptive posts, and some good photos of each set and collection.  If there is something you want to see, let me know!

On this site you may find links to Amazon.com to purchase the sets.  Every time you click on them and buy a Lego, I get a little money to help pay for this site.  Thanks, for clicking.

If you want to contact me, the best way is to use Twitter.  You can find me as minifigology.  https://twitter.com/minifigology.  I get a lot of email as part of my regular job, and I love twitter, so that’s the best way to talk with me.  Of course, you can always leave a comment on any post or page.  I love comments!

Thanks for visiting!


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