The Banshee from Lego Series 14 Halloween Minifigs Set 71010

Lego Series 14 Minifigure – Banshee

The Banshee is one of the new Series 14 Minifigures.  The official Lego the set number is 71010, but I call these the Halloween Minifigure .  There are 16 all together, and the Banshee has one of the coolest features of the entire series.

For a complete list of all the minifigs and pictures in the Halloween Minifigure Lego set 71010 series, visit this link.

Or to order your own for about $3-4 bucks visit LEGO Minifigures Series 12 – Set # 71007

The Banshee from Lego Halloween Minifig Series 14
The Banshee from Lego Series 14 Halloween Minifigs Set 71010
The Banshee from Lego Halloween Minifig Series 14 Back
Back of the Banshee from Lego Series 14 Halloween Minifigs Set 71010

The Lego Banshee uses lots of very unique colors.  First of all, her hair is trans black – an especially rare color, and one that I’ve never seen used for hair before.

Next her legs, or the place where her legs should be is an awesome crystal clear piece that looks like green smoke, and she is just rising out of nothing, or sort of floating.

Finally her face and hands are a unique scrubs green color that I’ve also never seen before.

All these colors make for a very unique Minifigure, one that is sure to be a more collectible one of the set.

The head is only printed on one side, and the expression on her face isn’t really mad or sad, but something in-between.  She has tears streaming down her cheeks, and her eyebrows are furrowed, so maybe she is upset.  We may never know.

The Banshee’s mouth is open, maybe from a scream, or shout, or maybe just because she is crying.  This is where we get to use our imagination.

What do you like about the Lego Banshee?  Tell me in the comments below.

This is what the Official Lego Website has to say about the Banshee:

“I’ve got bad news, and more bad news…”

Poor Banshee. It’s not her fault that her job is to warn people about bad news in their future. And she does it very well, with all of the woeful weeping and wailing that you might expect from an ancient spirit of ill omen. But nobody likes to hear her tidings of misfortune, and so she finds herself unwelcome wherever where she goes.

It’s hard to make friends when you’re compelled to inform your fellow Minifigures that they’re going to stub their toes, or misplace their phones, or forget to water their plants. It’s not like the Banshee causes the problems herself; she’s just cursed with the ability to see that they’re going to happen. For some reason, though, everybody seems to blame her anyway. On the bright side, she’s recently become pen pals with the Sad Clown, who just loves getting bad news!



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