Lego Milhouse as Fall Out Boy

Every superhero needs a sidekick. Here is Fallout Boy, the sidekick to Radioactive man who is the arch enemy of Bartman, in Lego form.

Milhouse is always one step behind Bart.  Maybe he just isn’t as malicious, or creative, but Bart seems to be the dude who always finds the trouble.

This minifigure omes in a blue and yellow bag which are sold wherever you can get Lego.  I like to shop at because I am an Amazon Prime member, which means I get free 2-day shipping (plus I can stream over 40,000 movies).  Click the link above to find out more.  But you can also get the bags at Toys R Us, Target, and of course the Lego store and

Fall Out boy is all talk and no action.  He has a blue super suit on with printing on the torso and yellow stripes on the pants.  A fabric green cape is around his neck.  He is holding the very cool Lego Buzz Cola piece, which is one of my favorite accessories from this series.

Milhouse’s head is one big piece with colored hair, and glasses.

Also In the bag is a folded sheet with all the different characters that you can collect on one side, and the back has more information about the Lego Simpsons series.

This is what the official Lego website says about the Lisa Simpson Minifigure:

Sidekick to the superhero Radioactive Man, Fallout Boy is much less powerful (and slightly less radioactive) than his mighty mentor. And when it comes to being ineffectual, nobody’s more effective than Milhouse! That’s why he’s the perfect fit to play Fallout Boy in the big-screen movie based on Bart and Milhouse’s favorite comic book. Will fame and fortune change our young hero? Probably…but you can bet he’ll be back to normal by next week!

What do you think of the Milhouse as Fall Out Boy Minifigure.  Is he your favorite?  Let me know why in the comments below.


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