Lego Comic Book guy

I’ve got a secret for you.  I know the real name for the Lego Comic Book Guy.  Shhhh – and read on.

The Comic book guy, as everyone knows him is a gruff, smart-ass, know-it-all dude, who doesn’t really like Bart Simpson or Milhouse.  He is the owner of Android’s Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop in Springfield which is his santuary, and holds his precious comics and keepsakes.

All the minifigures in the Lego Simpsons Series 2 Mystery Bags by Lego come in a blue and yellow bag.  You can get them wherever you can get Lego.  I like to shop at because I am an Amazon Prime member, which means I get free 2-day shipping (plus I can stream over 40,000 movies).  Click the link above to find out more.  But you can also get the bags at Toys R Us, Target, and of course the Lego store and

The Lego Comic Book Guy looks fat, even though he is the same size as all the other Lego Minifigures.  He has a blue shirt on his torso that shows off his belly (like it is too small), and has brown, yellow and blue legs.  He is holding an Everyman comic book (a printed 2×2 tile) and a Lego Squishie drink.

The Lego Squishie drink is the best part of this minifig.  It’s 100% printed, and is green with a red logo, has a clear rounded top like a real slurpee, and a green straw.

Did you know that the real name of the Lego Comic Book Guy is Jeff Albertson?

Also In the bag is a folded sheet with all the different characters that you can collect on one side, and the back has more information about the Lego Simpsons series.

This is what the official Lego website says about the Comic Book Guy Minifig:

The Comic Book Guy is the owner of The Android’s Dungeon, Springfield’s finest proprietor of comic books and other stuff no one really needs. Unfriendly, unshaven and generally un-nice, he has little patience or fondness for his store’s customers, especially kids. He enjoys binge-watching, binge-eating, binge-snarking, and overcharging for rare collectibles. Truly, his is the Best. Minifigure. Ever.

What do you think of the Lego Comic Book Guy Minifigure.  Is he your favorite?  Let me know why in the comments below.


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