Lego Bart Simpson as Bartman Minifigure

I actually saw the very first Simpsons episode, LIVE on TV all those years ago.  I was fascinated by Bart, and loved him from the first minute I saw him.  Then when they came out with Bartman I nearly died!

Bartman is part of the new Lego Simpsons Series 2 minifigure collection.  There are sixteen different Simpson Characters in this series and if you ask me it is the best collection to date.  Each yellow and blue bag has a different Simpsons character in it, but the catch is you don’t know what you are going to get until you open it.

These yellow bags are sold wherever you can get Lego.  I like to shop at because I am an Amazon Prime member, which means I get free 2-day shipping (plus I can stream over 40,000 movies).  Click the link above to find out more.  But you can also get the bags at Toys R Us, Target, and of course the Lego store and

Bart is the oldest, Lisa is the middle child of Homer,  and Marge, and there is Maggie, too.  As the oldest, Bart has the most freedom, and uses it to sometimes get in a bit of trouble, even as Bartman.

Bartman has a sidekick named Fallout Boy (Millhouse) and together they fight Radioactive man (who isn’t included in this series)

Bartman is just a regular Bart minifigure but witha special blue purple cape and a molded purple facemask on his gigantic one piece minifigure head.

One very cool thing that this minifigure comes with is a Lego slingshot.  In the past the slingshot was just painted on the back of his torso, but now we have an actual piece he can hold in his hand.

Also in the bag is a leaflet with all the different Simpsons that you can collect on one side, and the back has more information about the Lego series.

This is what the official Lego website says about the Lisa Simpson Minifigure:

Who is this masked avenger of the night? It’s Bartman, the mysterious four-and-a-half-foot crime fighter who guards Springfield’s streets. No one is beyond the reach of his trusty slingshot, be they supervillains or tin cans placed on fenceposts. Very few know (or care) that Bartman is secretly none other than Bart Simpson, wearing a homemade costume. But hey, every show needs a superhero, and this is the best we’ve got!

What do you think of the Bart Simpson as Bartman Minifigure.  Do you prefer just plain old Bart?  Tell me in the comments below!


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