Lego Marge Simpson Minifig – Simpsons Series 2

Have you see the Lego Simpsons Series 2 Marge Minifigure?  Here she is!  She is all dressed up for going out on the town.

Marge Simpson is part of the new Lego Simpsons Series 2 minifigure collection.  This series was released in 2015 and is going fast.  These are mystery bags, and only sell for a few dollars.  But here is the trick, there are 16 different characters, and you never know which one you are going to get. The bags are sealed, and you can’t see what is inside so sometimes you get duplicates, and other times you get a new one.

These yellow bags are sold wherever you can get Lego.  I like to shop at because I am an Amazon Prime member, which means I get free 2-day shipping (plus I can stream over 40,000 movies).  Click the link above to find out more.  But you can also get the bags at Toys R Us, Target, and of course the Lego store and

Date night Marge is orange, with yellow pants and an orange cloth skirt.  She is holding a bouquet of flowers, presumably from Homer, and she also has her nicest handbag, a 1×2 blue printed tile.  Her head is a large printed piece, and the hair doesn’t come off like on a regular minifigure head.

Also included in the bag is a folded leaflet with all the different minifigures that you can collect on one side, and the back has more information about the Lego Simpsons series.

This is what the official Lego website says about the Marge Simpson Minifigure:

Deep down, Marge knows that every Date Night with Homer will probably end in chaos, disaster, and minor criminal charges. But she’s still happy to wear her Sunday best, do up her hair to its very tallest, and step out for a romantic night on the town with her beloved Homie. Hey, at least the guy tries, and that’s why she loves him!

What do you think of the Marge Simpson Minifigure.  Is she your favorite?  Let me know why in the comments below.


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