Lego LaFerrari

The Lego LaFerrari- 75899

This is my first official Ferrari

OK, so it’s not a real Ferrari, but this Lego version is officially licensed by Ferrari.  There is a little hologram sticker on the back of the box showing that it is real.  Of course it isn’t a real LaFerrari, but this Lego version is a pretty good representation of the full size beast of a car.

Lego La Ferrari
Lego La Ferrari
Lego La Ferrari
Lego La Ferrari

There is something about the name Ferrari.  For decades it has been the pinnacle of Automotive technology and style.  If you see one on the road, you have to take a second look.  If I see one, I actually roll down my window and try to listen to the sound of the engine.

Lego and Ferrari have done a great job recreating this car using red bricks.  Of course it isn’t perfect, but to me it is immediately recognizable, even without the stickers.  I really hate putting stickers on my Lego, and was hoping for a printed brick with the prancing horse logo.  That would have been cool.

This set, is like the Lego McLaren and the others in that it comes with a car, a minifiugre, a wrench, and a little racing stoplight.  There are some clever techniques used in the build of this car, like getting the plates to run horizontally where the doors would be, and the use of the little round bricks holding up the front spoiler.

Lego La Ferrari Hologram label
Lego La Ferrari Hologram

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, this is an official licensed merchandise from Ferrari.  On the back of each box is a special hologram sticker.  Check out the photo to see the detail.  Its right under the set number.

The minifig has on a Red Ferrari Firesuit, and a black helmet with a clear visor.  His is wearing white gloves, and fits just perfectly inside the cockpit once you lift the canopy off.  There is no place to store the wrench in the car, and that’s OK with me, as this machine is made for speed!

Be sure to pick up your Lego LaFerrari before it is retired using the link at the bottom of this page.

How many pieces are in set 75899 – LEGO LaFerrari?

This set has 164 pieces, and as usual I got about 4 extra small pieces.

How many instruction books are in set 75899 – LEGO LaFerrari?

Lego La Ferrari Instruction bookThe LaFerrari from the Speed Racer Series has two full color instruction books.  The build is really detailed and it takes 2 books for all the instructions.  One thing I didn’t like is that they are folded in half (as you can see from the photo).  But I guess they had to do that to fit them in the box.  This is a problem with all the cars in this series

How long does it take to build 75899 – LEGO LaFerrari?

It took me about 15 minutes to build this set.

How many minifigures are in 75899 – LEGO LaFerrari?

This set comes with only one minifigure.  It’s a race car driver with red pants, a black helmet with a clearvisor and a red torso with a little Ferrari logo.  His head is yellow, and the face is painted on one side only.

Does 75899 – LEGO LaFerrari come with any stickers?

Lego La Ferrari stickersThis set comes with a lot of stickers to decorate the car, but all my regular readers know that I never put on the stickers.  Sometimes the sets look funny without stickers, but I don’t like them on my Lego Bricks.

What is the best piece(s) in 75899 – LEGO LaFerrari?

One thing that is unique to the cars in the Speed Champion series is the cockpit canopy.  Instead of having a traditional windshield, this clear, smoked color piece acts as both an aerodynamic windshield, and has an incorporated roof and side windows too.  The whole thing just pops off to gain access to the driver’s seat.  There is only room for one minifigure in this car.

Should I buy 75899 – LEGO LaFerrari?

I am a huge fan of super cars, and love this new Speed Champion set from LEGO.  When I found out about them I immediately ordered the complete series, as I knew that this one probably won’t last long.  It is going to be collected by kids and adults equally.  So if you love cars, or interesting builds, or super cars, then this is a Lego set for you.  I especially think this car will sell out fast as there is such a large group of people that buy Ferrari merchandise.

What theme or group is the 75899 – LEGO LaFerrari a part of?

The Lego LaFerrari car is one of the 2015 Speed Champion Series

Does the 75899 – LEGO LaFerrari come with a parts separator?

No, this set does not come with a parts separator.

What was your favorite component or part to build in 75899 – LEGO LaFerrari?

Obviously this Ferrari is mostly red, but hidden underneath all of the red pieces are some yellow bricks, and even pieces with different colors.  If you don’t build the set, you wouldn’t know about them.

Another favorite part of this set is the wheels.  They 5 star wheels are actually hubcaps that you can change out using the supplied black wrench that the Ferrari minifigure is holding.  This set comes with 2 full sets of hubcaps, and I think the 5 spoke mag lego wheels look the best.

Would you buy 75899 – LEGO LaFerrari?

I really like this set, and I might buy a couple more so I can decorate one with stickers, and save a couple for resale in future years.  I have a feeling that once this set is discontinued the price will really jump up as car collectors who have a lot of money will want one if they didn’t get one.

How experienced a Lego builder do you need to be to build 75899 – LEGO LaFerrari?

The age range for this set is 7-14, which is just about right – younger builders will love to play with the car once it is built, and older Lego experts will really get into the way the car is put together.

I’ve done all the hard work for you, and found the best place to get the LEGO LaFerrari Race Car set number 75899

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