Lego Mountain Hut first build

Lego 31025 The Mountain Hut Build 1

The Lego Mountain Hut – Build #1

A Lego set that can be built 3 ways

Lego Mountain Hut first build

Click the Lego Box to get more information
Click the Lego Box to get more information

This was one of my Christmas presents for 2014.  Before kids, and way before this Lego Review website,  she and I used to travel a lot.  One of our favorite places to go was Switzerland, and when she saw the Mountain Hut Lego Set, she bought it right away for me.

This is a fun medium sized set to build, and my very first 3 in 1 Lego set.  I really like the idea behind these sets.  If you are like me, you open the set, and build it according to the instructions, and then sometimes, if it is a really cool set, you leave it all together, the way the instruction say, but most often it gets taken apart and added to the Lego pile, never to be built the same way again.

Not so with this one.  There are three different instruction books included with the pieces, so you can build it three different times.  I really like how you can get ideas for creativity from the different builds.  Using all the same pieces, the different houses are so different, it just goes to show you how many different ways Lego bricks can be used.

Anyway, I’ll be reviewing this set three times – one for each build.  Today is the first build, and you can find the 2nd way here, and this is the link for the 3rd way.

All in all, I really like this set, and will be buying 2 more so I can have all 3 Lego Mountain huts put together at the same time.

The First build

This is the build from the first instruction book, and it’s the one that is predominantly on the box.  There is a main house, a little mountain, and an ATV that you get to build using just about all the pieces included.

For me, this build had the most playability – there is the car, the little mountain climber, and a mountain for him to climb on, as well as a complete house that opens up with a ton of detail inside.

Let’s start with the actual building – behind the little blue door is a two room cabin – the first room has a little dresser with a lantern and a picture hanging on the wall, but the second room has more detail.  There is a stone fireplace, with a decorative steer head above the mantle, a little table and some log storage for the fireplace.  Outside the blue window (which opens) is a clip to hold the lego pick axe,  and a little porch with a wooden railing.  It’s the perfect place to have a hot chocolate, and look out over the mountain.

The mountain is pretty cool, even though the bulk of it is built using two prefab mountain pieces, there are a lot of little 1×1 and 1×2 plates that are added to give texture and detail above and beyond the basic build.  There’s a little waterfall built out of blue clear bricks, and even a hidden treasure inside a cave inside the mountain.  The waterfall flows down the mountain to a plate built river with a wooden bridge over it leading to the mountain hut.

In addition there is a little lego brick built bird that lives somewhere nearby, a camp fire outside the house, and a small ATV for the minifigure to get around on.

All in all this was my favorite build of the three, but be sure to read about the other two builds, here and here.

How many pieces are in set 31025 – Lego Mountain Hut?

This set has 550 pieces.

How many instruction books are in set 31025 – Lego Mountain Hut?

The mountain hut is a 3 in 1 build.  There are three different instruction books included for this set, each one building a different building out of the same pieces in the set.

How long does it take to build 31025 – Lego Mountain Hut?

It took me about 40 minutes to build this version of the model.

How many minifigures are in 31025 – Lego Mountain Hut?

This set comes with only one minifigure.  He has a red torso, blue pants, and a white climber’s helmet.  To my knowledge this is the only set he appears in

Does 31025 – Lego Mountain Hut come with any stickers?

There are no stickers in this set

What is the best piece(s) in 31025 – Lego Mountain Hut?

The prefab mountain top piece is unique, and one of my favorites for this set.

Should I buy 31025 – Lego Mountain Hut?

This is a very cool set, one that is fun to build 3 ways, plus all the different ways you can think of, as well as to play with.  If you like the outdoors, and hiking and camping this is a great set for you.

What theme or group is the 31025 – Lego Mountain Hut a part of?

The Race car is one of the 2014 Lego Creator series.

Does the 31025 – Lego Mountain Hut come with a parts separator?

No, this set does not come with a parts separator.

What was your favorite component or part to build in 31025 – Lego Mountain Hut?

I really liked building the mountain in this set – there is a lot of detail and nooks and crannies in it, and I just wish it was a bit bigger and had more pieces.

Would you buy 31025 – Lego Mountain Hut?

I will be buying 2 more of these sets so I can have all 3 different builds put together at the same time.  Plus if I ever decide to do a MOC, I can combine the three mountains into one super big mountain.

How experienced a Lego builder do you need to be to build 31025 – Lego Mountain Hut?

The age range for this set is 8-12, which is just about right – younger builders will love to play with the set once it is built, and older Lego experts will really get into the way the different builds are put together.

I’ve done all the hard work for you, and found the best place to get the Lego Mountain Hut 3 in 1 set number 31025

Target Exclusive Minifigures Pack


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