Winter Skating Scene - Limited Edition 2014 Holiday Set

Lego Limited Edition Winter Skating Scene – 40107

The Lego Winter Skating Scene – 40107

Also known as the limited edition set my dog ate

Winter Skating Scene - Limited Edition 2014 Holiday Set
Winter Skating Scene – Limited Edition 2014 Holiday Set

This winter, Lego produced two limited edition winter sets.  The first which came out in November of 2014 was the Limited Edition Toy Workshop, and the second, which came out a few short weeks later is the Winter Skating Scene.

Limited Edition Lego Skating Scene
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If you look carefully at the female minifig, you can see this  is also the set that my dog ate.  But I’ll get into that in a bit.

This year, 2014, Lego released two limited edition holiday sets.  The first was the very popular, and super cool Limited Edition Toy Workshop.  These are special sets that you can’t buy, but instead get for free when you spend a certain amount at a Lego store, or on    I actually got two of those sets, one set I bought when I went in to get the 2014 Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, and my wife got the second set when she was out buying Christmas presents at the Lego store.

I wasn’t really aware that there would be two unique limited edition sets this year until I actually spoke with one of the sales associates at the Lego store.  I had heard rumors on-line but didn’t think they were true, because the Toy workshop was such an awesome set, with lots of cool details, and unique builds.

Then I got this set, and had both of the limited edition creator sets for 2014.  They both fit perfectly with the Seasonal Winter sets that Lego has been putting out for the last 6 years.  I’ve reviewed the two that I have so far, the Winter Village Market, and the amazing Santa’s Workshop.  It will be fun to bring out all these seasonal sets, assemble them, and display them with the rest of our holiday decorations.

The only way to get this Special Edition Lego Winter Skating Scene is using the link below because it is a limited edition set.

How many pieces are in set 40107 – Lego Winter Skating Scene?

This set has 127 pieces.

How many instruction books are in set 40107 – Lego Winter Skating Scene

The limited edition Winter Skating Scene has one full color instruction book.

How long does it take to build 40107 – Lego Winter Skating Scene?

It took me about 10 minutes to build this set.

How many minifigures are in 40107 – Lego Winter Skating Scene?

Lego Ice Skating Minifigures
Lego Ice Skating Minifigures

There are two minifigs in this set.  One big kid, and one little kid.  The little one is a girl in a white hoodie, dark blue pants (that don’t move), and with long brown hair.  The boy is wearing a green shirt, long lighter blue pants and has almost red hair.

How did the dog eat this set?  I keep all my Lego sets in a closet currently, and I always close the door so my little puppy Abby can’t get inside.

Inadvertently, one day I left the door open a tiny bit, and Abby, managed to grab the girl minifigure and run off with her.  By the time I was able to catch her, the legs were gone, and part of the minifigure’s face was eaten.  Thankfully I was albe to save the hair and torso.

Does 40107 – Lego Creator Toy Workshop come with any stickers?

There are no stickers in this set. Thank goodness!

What is the best piece(s) in 40107 – Lego Creator Toy Workshop?

This set has a lot of blue clearie (crystal) pieces.  There are also a lot of 1×2 clear tiles, which are new to me.

Should I buy 40107 – Lego Winter Skating Scene?

First of all, you can’t buy this set anymore from the Lego store.  It is only available on the aftermarket now.  I’m torn about this one – on one hand, it is a limited edition set, so if you collect that sort of thing, it is a must have.  Otherwise, it is pretty simple, and not complicated, so for me it is a pass.

What theme or group is the 40107 – Lego Winter Skating Scene a part of?

The Winter Skating Scene is one of the 2014 Creator series, and is also a limited edition 2014 set.

Does the 40107 – Lego Winter Skating Scene come with a parts separator?

No, this set does not come with a parts separator.

What was your favorite component or part to build in 40107 – Lego Limited Edition Winter Skating Scene?

This set was super easy to build.  There are a lot of small pieces however.  Overall this was a pretty simple set to build, and is a nice little scene.  There was an interesting technique used with the clear or transparent bricks, both the blue ones for the ice skating area, as well as the sloped area for the bobsled to go down.  It would be really cool to see a large scale Lego bobsled run someday, and the techniques used in this set would be ideal for that.

Would you buy 40107 – Lego Creator Winter Skating Scene again?

Now that I have one copy of this set, I probably wouldn’t buy a 2nd one.

How experienced a Lego builder do you need to be to build 40107 – Lego Winter Skating Scene?

The age range for this set is 7+, but I think anyone who has just a few months of experience building Lego sets should have no problem building this set easily.

I’ve done all the hard work for you, and found the best place to get the 2014 Special Edition Winter Skating Scene – 40107

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