Lego Target Minifigure Cube

Lego Target Minifigure Cube 5004076 Review

The Lego Target Limited Edition Minifigure Cube

This one comes with 4 exclusive Minifigures

Lego Target Minifigure Cube
Lego Target Minifigure Cube
Lego Minifigure Cube - 5004076
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Right around the beginning of December, there was quite a stir, among the Lego on-line community about the possibility that Target stores released a one of a kind Lego Superhero minifigure.  And the rumors were true.  But all FOUR minifigures were exclusive!  It is also called LEGO Exclusive 4 Minifigures Box Set, and the Target Exclusive Minifigures Pack, or Minifigure Gift Set (Target Exclusive).  Scroll down for photos.

To my knowledge I may have gotten the very last one in the State of Texas.  These are for sure the best Lego minifigure pictures on the web.  Lego collectors swooped in and grabbed these little guys up immediately.  Most stores only got 24 boxes, and those sold out really fast.  For a while you could get one for free from Target on-line when you ordered $50 worth of Lego, but those also sold out quickly.  As of today, this set is not available on

I tried to get this set in early December when it first came out, but missed out.  Apparently there is another Lego collector in Austin who raids all the stores when a new set is released.  This happened most recently when I saw and empty Lego Series 13 minifigures display (priced at $4.99) with all the green polybags gone.

It must have been a Christmas miracle that I was able to get this set.  My son and I were shopping for some stuff at Target, groceries, Dog food, Toothpaste, and other stuff, when I was taking a shortcut through the Towels aisle, and I saw this cube sitting on one of the shelves.  It was nowhere near the Toy Section or the Lego Section at Target.

Maybe some kid grabbed it, and put it in their mom’s cart.  Mom was doing her regular shopping and saw this item, and took it out, and just plopped it where ever she could, which in this case happened to be in the linens aisle.  Who knows how long it sat there.  I’m super lucky I found it. because they have been sold out for weeks now.

This is the first time that 4 different minifigures from different worlds were grouped together in one box.  There is a Ninjago minifigure, a Chima minifigure, a Lego Superhero minifigure (exclusive), and a Lego City minifigure.

Not only does it have these minifigures, but they also are standing on a light grey minifigure display plate.  All the other minifigs I’ve ever gotten (like the Simpsons, or the Series 12 Minifigures are on a black plate.

The Swamp Policeman

Lego Target Cube City Minifigure

Target Exclusive Minifigures Pack Policeman
Target Exclusive Minifigures Pack Policeman front

The first minifigure in this set is a Lego City Policeman.  Not a regular Lego cop dressed in blue, or a similar outfit, but this one looks more like a park ranger, or sheriff.  I’ve been told that this is a preview of the upcoming 2015 Lego Swamp theme

Lego Swamp Police Minifigure back
Lego Swamp Police Minifigure back

He has blue pants, a tan shirt with nice detailed printing on both the front and the back, and he has a great tan color wide brim hat to keep the hot sun off his face.

This Lego swamp  police man comes with a pair of handcuffs, and a small Lego flashlight (torch), and of course is sitting on the special grey lego minifigure display plate.  He appears to be the same minifigure that will come with set 60067 Helicopter Pursuit, but with a different head.


Fire Lavertus

Lego Target Cube Chima Minifigure

Fire Lavertus
Fire Lavertus

The fire Lavertus is from a series I’ve never really gotten into.  The Chima series isn’t my favorite (I prefer Star Wars and City sets, as my regular readers know.

So this is my first ‘official’ Chima Minifig.  I’ve never bought one before today.

I must admit, there is a lot of detail on this guy.  Nice red pants and torso with lots of printed detail.  A red cloth cape too.

The helmet is a great molded piece.  A lion or other animal shaped head piece.  He has two accessories, like the swamp policeman.  A red crystal called a Fire CHI (I think), and a nice golden double sided hilt with a removable flame blade.


Boy Superman (Superboy or Kon-El)

Lego Target Cube Superhero Minifigure

Lego Superboy Minifigure
Lego Superboy Minifigure

As of right now this is the only known instance of a Lego Superboy Minifigure.  I won’t get into the origins or legends of the creations of Kon-El, and instead focus on the details of this one of a kind minifig.

Lego Superboy angry face
Lego Superboy angry face

He has blue pants with printing on them, a black torso with more printing and a large Superman S on the front.

His arms are also two toned, with the top part matching the shirt, and the lower part in the usual Lego skin color.

His head has two sides, a calm and slightly serious face, and a second, more angry face with red eyes that are about to shoot lasers it looks like.


Lloyd DX

Lego Target Cube Ninjago Minifigure

Lego Lloyd DX Minifigure
Lego Lloyd DX Minifigure

The Lego Ninjago is another one of those series I don’t spend much time collecting.  I might be the only person in the universe who bought this cube for the city and superhero sides, instead of the more popular Ninjago and Chima minifigures.  Apparently this minifig isn’t 100% new, but does have a new smirk on his face, so there’s that.

But this is a pretty cool little mini-fig.  Dressed as a green ninja, with green pants with gold and black printing, a green torso with similar markings on the front and back, green arms, and black hands, and a Lloyd name printed on his back under his sword holder.

His green helmet leaves just enough space open for him to see, and he has a sword holder backpack that fits over his neck when his head is removed.  It holds two golden ninja swords in a cross pattern.  Very cool.

I’ve done all the hard work for you, and found the best place to get the Limited Edition Minifigures Pack

Target Exclusive Minifigures Pack


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