Lego 10235 The Winter Village Market

Lego 10235 – Winter Village Market Review

Will you add the Lego Winter Village Market to your Collection?

This set reminds me of my winter trip to Europe

Lego 10235 The Winter Village Market
Lego 10235 The Winter Village Market

Several years ago, before we had any kids, my wife and I would travel to Europe almost every year.  One year we went to Italy in the winter time, and came across a fantastic winter market in one of the squares.  There were so many people there that night, and so many activities for all ages.  Around the perimeter of the square there were dozens of booths set up, some selling food, others with handmade crafts, and still others with games of skill.  It was clearly a yearly event where the entire town came to attend the festival which only lasted a few nights then was taken down and cleaned up only to come out again the same time next year.

Lego winter village market
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A seasonal item is one that Lego puts out in the fall, usually for the Christmas holidays.  They release it for a shorter time than

so far there have been 6 sets released, but i only have 2.  I have this one the Winter Holiday Fair (market), and I also got Santa’s Workshop.  There is a third set that I picked up which is sort of related, but not as big, and it is the Limited Edition Toy Workshop that was a free gift from Lego with purchase in 2014.

When I have the chance, I’ll pick up the first four sets in the seasonal group that came out before I was really collecting Lego.  They are the Winter Toy Shop, The Winter Village Bakery, the Winter Village Post office, and the Winter Village Cottage.

As I collect these sets, and put them all together, there is a very strong holiday theme visible.  All these sets share a bunch of common characteristics.  Sort of like how the Harry Potter Lego sets all use the same colors and theme, or Star Wars Lego sets all look and fit the same, these seasonal Lego sets also all match each other.

They are a little bit European, and of course all have a winter theme with snow on some of the roof tops, or around the benches. Plus, all the sets have a little bit of an old world feel, not so much electronics, or video screens, but the way things were only a few short years ago.

Lately the Lego group has been putting up little YouTube videos narrated by the designers about some of the Expert Creator sets.  In this one, Astrid, one of the Lego Designers talks about the Winter Holiday Market, and some of her favorite features, and fun bits.  After watching, scroll down to read my thoughts, and see lots of photos of this incredible set.

Here are a couple of other items that are part of this set but that I didn’t highlight as much in my review of the Winter Carnival Market.

The winter village market comes with 3 little scenes, and a larger merry-go-round with some Technic parts incorporated that make it go in a circle, as well as make the horses go back and forth at the same time.  All the little scenes have common elements like  being approximately the same size, have sloped roofs with some cool color Lego plates, and of course have room for a minifigure to work inside, while displaying their goods outside.

The Bakery Stand

With fancy decorations, just like a little cake, the Lego Bakery Stand is a great little model. A snow covered blue roof, covers the booth that has room for one minifigure inside.  A sloped counter displays a couple of Lego croissants, cupcakes, and even a Lego pie.  The minifigure who works at this booth is holding a large Lego prezel, and is happy to give you any treats you want.

The Hot Dog Stand

If you are looking for something a little heavier or savory to eat, you must visit the butcher and his little hot dog stand.  In the back of the booth there is a little BBQ or hibachi or grill,  and a tiny black chimney in the roof for the smoke to go up.  At the front of the stand there are little orange and green lights on his sign, and a little vine with red flowers under the counter.  On his counter are a couple of mugs, and of course the entire stand is dusted with a light layer of Lego snow.

The Candy Stand

The third booth in this set is the candy stand.  Yes this set does use some stickers, but I’m happy to say that the lolly-pops are nice little printed 1×1 round tiles.

This is my favorite booth because of all the decorations it has.  A sloped green roof, a dual color (blue and white) awning, and even uses some scalloped bricks at the base.  There is room inside for one minifigure to work, and hand out all the treats that are on the counter.

The Arcade Game

The fourth booth, which isn’t a stand alone booth, but attached to the same base plates as the merry go round.  It can be easy to miss, but it is a cool little game where a Lego man tries to throw a little ball into a cup.  The bucket game, as I like to call it.  The problem is the cup moves in a circle using the same gears as the ones that turn the carousel, which makes it challenging for the little minifigs to get the stud in the cup.  That’s why nobody ever wins.

The Carousel Ride

The main attraction at the Winter Village market is the carousel.  I love Lego sets that have carnival rides, like the Fairground Mixer.  While this ride is not portable, it does have two horses, and two sleds that go in a circle when you turn a crank located behind the ball game booth.

There is a ton of detail on this little carnival ride.  With room for 4 minifigures to ride at a time, it’s not super huge, but does have a lot of cool elements and decorations.

Lets start at the top, where the details start.  First of all the roof is some cut cloth Lego pieces in white and blue.  They are feathered and held in place using two different kind of blocks that I’ve never seen used in this way before.  Look at the photo of the roof detail for a great photo of how these pieces are used.

The center column of the merry go round is detailed with dozens of round clear orange and green plates.  There are two molded Lego horses for people to ride, as well as two Lego built sleds, for a total of four riders per turn.   The all go in a circle, using a simple Technic gear that is hidden inside the back of the ball game booth.  Not only do the horses go in a circle, but they way they are built they also rock back and forth, but I’ll let you discover that motion as you build the set yourself.


Minifigures in the Winter Village Market

Lego 10235 The Winter Village Market Minifigures
Lego 10235 The Winter Village Market Minifigures

There are 9 minifigures included in this set, four kids, and 5 adults.  There is a lady in a grey shirt with a green purse, the hot dog man with a cool red scarf, the pastry lady in another green outfit, the bearded ball game guy (who also runs the merry go round), and another lady with white gloves and a blue shirt and scarf.  The four little guys are a girl in a red shirt, a girl in a green shirt with grey gloves. a boy with a hoodie and black cap, and another boy with an orange jacket

How many pieces are in set 10235 – Lego Winter Village Market?

This set has 883 pieces.

How many instruction books are in set 10235 – Lego Winter Village Market?

Lego 10235 The Winter Village Market Instruction books
Lego 10235 The Winter Village Market Instruction books

There are 2 full color instruction books for this set.

How long does it take to build 10235 – Lego Winter Village Market?

I built this set in about 2 hours one quiet evening.  Some of the creator sets can bet quite repetitive, but this one isn’t bad.  The only repetitive items is brick building four Lego reindeer, but that goes pretty quick and there are even some new pieces on them so that is fun, too.

How many minifigures are in 10235 – Lego Winter Village Market?

Lego Minifigures in the Winter Market Set
Hot dog man

There are nine minifigs in this set. 4 kids (the kind of minifigs that have non-movable, short legs, and 5 regular sized minifigures.  The four little ones are:

  1. a boy with a hoodie and black cap
  2. a girl in a red shirt
  3. a girl in a green shirt with grey gloves
  4. a boy with an orange jacket

The five regular sized minifigurines

  1. the hot dog man with a cool red scarf
  2. the pastry lady in another green outfit
  3. a lady with white gloves and a blue shirt and scarf
  4. the bearded ball game guy (who also runs the merry go round)
  5. lady in a grey shirt with a green purse

My favorite is the hot dog man – I love his little red nekerchief, and that he holds a hot dog with a little fork.  My second favorite is the little kid with the black cap.

Does 10235 – Lego Winter Village Market come with any stickers?

Lego 10235 The Winter Village Market  Lego 10235 The Winter Village Market Stickers
Lego 10235 The Winter Village Market Lego 10235 The Winter Village Market Stickers

Yes, this set comes with one set of stickers that I won’t put on.  For this set most of the stickers are a silver reflective sticker that go on the merry go round and on the arcade game.  But my regular readers know that I hate stickers on Lego bricks.  Thankfully,  there are some cool printed pieces that are new to this set like the 1×1 round tiles decorated like lollipops.

What is the best piece(s) in 10235 – Lego Winter Village Market?

A brown Lego Cat
A brown Lego Cat

There are a lot of pretty neat pieces in this set, and I already have a lot of them from other sets, but so far I haven’t gotten any white horses until now.  So those are sort of special to me.

Also, one of my favorite items is the little brown cat that likes to sit on the bench by the lightpost.  You can see how tiny he is compared to a regular minifig, and then a shorter minifig that doesn’t have any moving legs.  The cat also has a little stud hole at on the underside so you can hold him in your hand or set him on a bench, or bed, or whatever.


Should I buy 10235 – Lego Winter Village Market?

This set is one of those seasonal ones that Lego only releases for a short time and then retires.  If you see it available for a good price, I would absolutely buy it, as when it is retired it most likely will jump to collectible status quickly and double or even triple in price like some of the earlier sets in this series have done.  It will be fun to keep this set special, and all the pieces together, then bring it out when you begin to make holiday decorations and display it with the others in the series that you collect.

What theme or group is the 10235 – Lego Winter Village Market a part of?

The Lego Winter Village Market is one of the 2013 Creator series, and is also a limited edition 2013 set.

Does the 10235 – Lego Winter Village Market come with a parts separator?

No, this set does not come with a parts separator.

What was your favorite component or part to build in 10235 – Lego Winter Village Market?

My favorite part to build in this set was each of the little booths.  They seem kind of simple at first, but actually have a lot of details and unique features that make each of them special.  Each is not too hard to build, and they go together quickly, but the choice of colors, and building elements is all sort of the same but different enough so that they look alike but are quite different.

Would you buy 10235 – Lego Winter Village Market again?

I would absolutely buy this set again if I had the chance if I didn’t already have one.  I am thinking about getting one or two more before it is retired so I can have an extra one in case I loose some pieces as well as to have some extra snow covered buildings, as well as some extra carnival like games and components.  I think it would be super easy to convert each of the little booths into more carnival games like a ring toss, or a fishing game, or even a skee-ball game.  I’d also make a prize booth so when you win, you could go over to the little booth and trade in your winning ticket for different prizes.

How experienced a Lego builder do you need to be to build 10235 – Lego Winter Village Market?

On the box, the age says 12+, and it is an expert creator Lego set.  There are a lot of little studs, and tiny pieces, but if you are in the 5th or 6th grade and have some experience building lots of Lego sets you could probably build this pretty easily.  If you are an adult, and this is your first set, you might have some trouble but could probably figure it out without too much trouble.  It just might take you a little longer.

I’ve done all the hard work for you, and found the best place to get the Winter Village Market – 10235

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