Lego Santa’s Workshop – 10245

The Lego Set 10245 – Santa’s Workshop

Is this the beginning of a Holiday Tradition?

Lego Santa's Workshop Set 10245
Lego Santa’s Workshop Set 10245

This set, the Lego Santa’s Toy Workshop, is going to be one of those builds I look forward to doing every holiday season.  Of course, Lego has been putting out sets with this theme since 2009, and as always, I’m a little bit late to the game.  But I’ve started my collection, and it will move forward from now on.

Lego Santa's Workshop
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Growing up, my parents used to take me to the city.  We lived in Northern California, and would take day trips to San Francisco every few months to see a tourist attraction or during the holiday season, go shopping and look at all the fancy store windows.  My favorite displays were the ones where little elves had set up shop and were making presents.  That’s why I had to get this set right away.

Like I mentioned this set is part of a lego sub-series that comes out every year.  There are six sets total so far:
#10199 LEGO Winter Toy Shop – released in 2009
#10216 LEGO Winter Village Bakery – released in 2010
#10222 LEGO Winter Village Post Office – released in 2011
#10229 LEGO Winter Village Cottage – released in 2012
#10235 LEGO Winter Village Market – released in 2013
#10245 LEGO Santa’s Workshop – released in 2014

Some are still available at the Lego store, but most of the earlier ones have been retired and can only be purchased on the aftermarket.  If you are interested in buying any, I suggest using  because they have great prices, fast shipping, and a great return policy.  It’s better than using eBay because you have the power of behind you if something goes wrong.

The 2014 Lego Limited Edition Toy Workshop 40106
The Limited edition toy workshop goes great with this set

It also goes great with the 2014 limited edition set 40106 The Lego Toy Workshop.

I found out that Lego set 10235, the Winter Village Market was still available, so I ordered that set the next day!  Now I have to collect the first four as I have time over the next year.

Befrore I get started with my review of Lego Set 10245 Santa’s Workshop, let’s watch a little video put out by the Lego Group describing the set.

The Santa Workshop by Lego is just like one of those scenes from a store window.  There is a little house with these incredible details, a fantastic Santa & Mrs. Claus Lego Minifigures, a very detailed sled with reindeer, and a very cool toy conveyor belt that the elves use to make toys for all the good girls and boys.

These are great sets to collect year after year and build during the holiday season.  They would look great on a bookshelf, or on top of a mantle along with all the different Christmas decorations your family puts out each year.  Plus you can start a holiday tradition building them.  There is something for everyone!

This set has a lot of little builds and pieces – you get little presents, and brick built reindeer, some very cool Lego Christmas Lights, and a bunch of other little details.  As always I leave the building up to you, but let me just say that it is a lot of fun because there is so much variety.

The Lego Sleigh and Reindeer

Santa's Sleigh & Reindeer
Santa’s Sleigh & Reindeer

This set comes with 5 reindeer, all Lego built.  There are four adults and one baby, who I call Rudolph.

Just so you know, I added the red nose using some spare parts from my other sets to the baby Reindeer.  I think I’ll call him Rudolph.

Lately Lego has been getting in a habbit of molding animals, including larger ones.  I personally like how in this set the reindeer are lego built using a couple of arches, and some other creative pieces.  That’s the true spirit of Lego.

Santa’s sleigh is also quite spectacular, using some unique pieces for the actual sleigh runners, and the cool lamps on the back.  In addition to Santa’s seat, there is room in the back for lots of presents as you can see.

Everything is tied together using two long pieces – Everyone except Rudolph that is.

Santa’s House

Santa's House, built out of Lego
Santa’s House, built out of Lego

Santa’s House is almost exactly what you would expect.  Covered in a light dusting of snow (because it’s at the North Pole), there are Christmas lights on it all year long.  A giant clock sits above the front door counting down to Christmas.  Two giant candy Canes decorate the side, and a large sign proclaims this is the north pole.

Inside the House there are three rooms –  The main room and then an upstairs and a downstairs accessed by a removable ladder.  You enter the large main room downstairs by a plain wooden door.  There’s a small table, and a workbench for the Elves to make presents on.

Next to the main room is a little downstairs area, and a ladder that goes up to Santa’s Office.  What happens in Santa’s office?  You know all the letters that Lego kids write to Santa and then mail to him?  This is where they end up.  There’s a big stack of letters to Santa next to his special chair.

The Toy Assembly Line

Lego Toy Assembly Line
Lego Toy Assembly Line

One of the really cool accessories with this set is the Toy Assembly line.  A true custom creation built by the Elves of the North Pole to make their job easier, this contraption has a couple of levers, some control dials, and a wheel to select any number of the infinite possibilities of toys that little children all over Legoland might ask for.

All an elf has to do is select the proper setting and the machine automatically makes the perfect toy.  It’s that simple.  But be careful,  there are red and green lights on tip and when the red light comes on it is because the machine has broken down!  This machine breaks down all the time so the Elves have to constantly work on it to keep it running in tip-top shape.

Minifigures in Santa’s Workshop

Minifigures for the Lego Santa's workshop
Minifigures for the Lego Santa’s workshop

There are 6 minifigures included in this set. Santa Claus, his wife, Mrs. Claus, and 4 elves.  I’ve added Rudolph because I can.

Santa has made lots of appearances in previous Lego sets, but for me, Mrs. Claus is new.  She has grey hair, and is wearing a red shawl.  There is some amazing printed detail on her body as well.  She doesn’t have any legs, but instead uses an angle piece that is the same as the Lego Wizard from the series 12 minifigure collection.

The elves each have their own personalities, as you can see from the photos below:

Plus I will have fun swapping out Santa Claus from this set with Darth Vader from the 2104 Lego Advent Calendar, as well as putting Claus on the Speeder Bike from that set.

More Pictures from Lego Santa’s Workshop

How many pieces are in set 10245 – Lego Santa’s Workshop?

This set has 883 pieces.

Lego Santa's Workshop Set 10245 Instruction books
Lego Santa’s Workshop Set 10245 Instruction books

How many instruction books are in set 10245 – Lego Santa’s Workshop?

The Holiday Creator Santa’s Workshop set has 2 full color instruction books  The first Book 1 is 36 pages, and the second that is 68 pages.

How long does it take to build 10245 – Lego Santa’s Workshop?

I built this set in about 2 hours one quiet evening.  Some of the creator sets can bet quite repetitive, but this one isn’t bad.  The only repetitive items is brick building four Lego reindeer, but that goes pretty quick and there are even some new pieces on them so that is fun, too.

How many minifigures are in 10245 – Lego Santa’s Workshop?

There are six minifigs in this set.  A Jolly Santa Claus, a Mrs. Claus, and four Elves.  The elves aren’t full size minifigures because they have the non bending legs, just like Lego kids, plus the elves also have little hats with pointy ears molded right into them.

My favorite minifig from this set is Mrs. Claus.  She is a pretty rare minifigure (I this this is her first appearance in this set), with a cloth cape, and great printed detail on her torso and skirt.  Plus she makes the best cookies and hot chocolate in the world!

Lego Santa's Workshop Set 10245 Stickers
Lego Santa’s Workshop Set 10245 Stickers

Does 10245 – Lego Santa’s Workshop come with any stickers?

Yes, this set comes with one set of stickers that I won’t put on.  I hate stickers on Legos.

What is the best piece(s) in 10245 – Lego Santa’s Workshop?

The Mr & Mrs Claus minifigures are pretty cool, as are the large candy canes on the side of the building.  I also always like a nice lego built Christmas tree.

Should I buy 10245 – Lego Santa’s Workshop?

This set is fun to put together, and for me even more fun because I won’t be displaying it all year long.  It is a special holiday set that I’ll build every year as the Christmas season starts, and then take down when I clean up my holiday decorations.

This is one of those sets that mom would find interesting because not only is it a Lego set for the kids, but it has a collectible feeling to it, as well as a holiday theme.

Yes, I would buy this set again if I didn’t have it.  I’d also buy a 2nd copy if I wanted to have more winter buildings in my collection.

What theme or group is the 10245 – Lego Santa’s Workshop a part of?

The Toy workshop is one of the 2014 Creator series, and is also a limited edition 2014 set.

Does the 10245 – Lego Santa’s Workshop come with a parts separator?

No, this set does not come with a parts separator.

What was your favorite component or part to build in 10245 – Lego Santa’s Workshop?

An elf checks the Lego toy machine controls
An elf checks the Lego toy machine controls

There were several very cool elements to build in this set like the simple red stained glass window on the first floor.  I really liked building the toy conveyor belt with the printed controls and exhaust pipes in the back.  My wife thought the Christmas lights on the roof were very cool (and they use a unique building technique using a Spider Man Lego Web).  Also building the Sleigh and Santa’s special chair were fun and used some cool pieces and interesting techniques.

Would you buy 10245 – Lego Santa’s Workshop again?

I would absolutely buy this set again if I had the chance if I didn’t already have one.  I am thinking about getting one or two more before it is retired so I can have an extra one in case I loose some pieces as well as to have some extra snow covered buildings.

How experienced a Lego builder do you need to be to build 10245 – Lego Santa’s Workshop?

The box for this set says 12+, and it is a Creator Expert series, but I think that an experienced 4th or 5th grader could build it.  Would they have fun with it?  Probably, but not as much fun as a good Star Wars set or something similar.  To me, this set is geared at AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego)s and people who like to have little Christmas scenes they can collect every year.  

I’ve done all the hard work for you, and found the best place to get the 2014 Santa’s Workshop – 10245

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