The Lego Carnival Mixer - 10244

Lego Set 10244 The Fairground Mixer Review

The Lego Fairground Mixer – 10244

Is this the most awesome Lego set of 2014?

The Lego Carnival Mixer, complete set
The Lego Carnival Mixer, complete set
Lego Fairgound Mixer
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Not everybody can plop down $150 on a Lego Set like the Fairground Mixer.  For those who do, it’s usually one in the Star Wars series, not something from the Creator Expert series.  This is practically a city set, and while I really LOVE city sets, not everybody else does.  The Fairground Mixer set might change your mind about how cool a city set can be.

There are a lot of very interesting features to this set.    Not only are there a  bunch of minifigures (a total of 12, both adult and kids), but the entire carnival mixer can be transported just like a real carnival.  The Ride, fence, and all the booths arrive on two trucks, that are included as part of the set.

This is my first Lego carnival set.  I never got the Grand Carousel (10196) or Ferris Wheel (4957), but I see that they are still available on-line as aftermarket purchases, so maybe one day I’ll go back and get them, and then try to build a custom roller coaster to complete my amusement park and then add it to my Lego city.

This is a very short, and helpful video done by Jamie, the guy who works at Lego and who designed the set.  He goes over all the details, and does a great job telling us all about it.


The Lego Fairground mixer comes in a big, beautiful color box with lots scenes describing all the different parts of the set you are about to build.  On one side of the box there is a complete parts list for reference (there is another part list inside one of the instruction manuals, too).

The box is quite impressive.  It looks like you get a lot with this set, and you do.  There isn’t any false advertising here.  There is something for everyone.  Lots of Minifigs, some glow in the dark pieces,  a couple of cars (as transport vehicles), some Technic elements, and some cool accessories, too.

Inside the box, there are 3 sets of 17 bags.  Grouped into #1, #2, and #3.  These numbered bags correspond to the instruction manuals.  Instruction manual #1 uses all the pieces from all the #1 bags.  Instruction manual #2 uses all the pieces from the #2 bags, and Instruction manual #3 uses all the pieces from the #3 bags.

Stickers from the Carnival Mixer
Stickers from the Carnival Mixer

This is a great system Lego has set up.  It keeps everything organized and separate, so if you need to do the build over a couple of days, you can focus on one thing.

I’m not a big fan of stickers on Lego bricks.  I prefer when the bricks are stamped and painted with the design they are supposed to have. Because of that I never use the stickers.  Call me a purist.

The instruction books are pretty thick, and come in a poly bag with a cardboard insert to keep them from bending.  There is also some sticker sheets in with the instruction manuals.

Building the Fairground Mixer

Putting the Fairground Mixer together was a lot of fun.  Compared to other Creator Expert models, this one seemed to go pretty fast, mostly because there are a bunch of different components.

Of course there are the two big trucks that carry the entire set.  One truck has the dunk tank, the ball toss, and the strongman contest.  The other truck carries the entire carnival ride and fence.

I will start, as I always do, with my favorite part of every set, the Minifigures.

Lego Fairground Mixer Minifigures

The Lego Carnival Mixer Minifigures
The Lego Carnival Mixer Minifigures

The Fairground Mixer has 12 minifigs.  My favorite is the guy about to get sick.  One side of his face is happy and normal, and the other side looks like he is about to throw up.  I wish Lego had done a bit more of a true carny minifigure.  There is one guy, in an orange jacket that looks tough, but isn’t a true carnival person like I’ve seen in real life.

Four of the minifigs are kids, because they have short legs that don’t move.  The others are either parents or workers at the carnival.

Another favorite of mine is the juggler.  He is juggling 3 pins, and it looks like one of them is actually in the air because of the way it clips onto his hat.  He also comes with stilts, and can be much taller than the others.

The Lego Fairground Mixer Small Truck

The small Truck
The small Truck – all the games and the ticket booth fit on this flatbed truck

There are two trucks included with this set, and as I mentioned above, all the parts of the carnival fit onto them.  It’s just like a real faire.

This truck is a standard six studs wide, but it is a bit taller than other Lego vehicles.  It’s designed to carry the two games and the ticket booth that come with the Fairground Mixer.

Both the Dunk tank, and Ticket booth fit on the flatbed part of the truck, and the Strength Test slides underneath and inside the truck from the back.  It’s pretty neat how it all fits together.

The cab of the Fairground Mixer Small truck is big enough for 2 minifigures, but it is pretty much designed just for the driver.  There are two small doors,  for them to get in and out of, but it is much easier to position properly them if you take the roof off.

On the side of the cab are two tool holders, a shovel on one side, and a push broom on the other.  Since this is an expert set, there is the use of some unusual pieces, like the front grille, the exhaust pipes, and the rear bumper.

The Lego Fairground Mixer Dunk Tank

The dunk tank from the Fairground Mixer
The dunk tank from the Fairground Mixer

The Dunk tank has two parts, the first is a small table that holds three red balls (to throw at the target), and the second part is the actual dunk tank itself.  It is cleverly designed to allow a minifigure to sit above the tank on a little platform, and then when the target is hit, the platform actually collapses, and the person sitting up there falls into the tank.

The build of this little carnival game is pretty easy, compared to other parts of this set, but there are a couple of neat tricks Lego uses.  One is the gates at the top of the dunk tank.  They are vertical instead of horizontal, to protect the person sitting on the platform from getting hit accidentally by one of the balls.

The other cool part is the target mechanism.  There are dual levers, one holding up another so when you really hit the red target, the platform collapses and whomever is sitting there falls into the water.

The Lego Fairground Mixer Strength Test

The strongman game on the Carnival Mixer
The strongman game on the Carnival Mixer

This was my favorite carnival game to build.  So easy and so fun.  The idea is that you use a little brick built Lego hammer (there are two sizes) to hit the base, and a little white shuttle rides up a pole to ring the gold bell at the top.

The really cool thing is that it actually works.  And it’s not that easy.  At first I thought I’m pretty strong, especially compared to a minifigure, this should be no problem for me to get to the top.

Hitting the button on the lego strongman game
Hitting the button on the lego strongman game

Well let me say, you have to hit it hard, and you have to hit it in just the right place, too.  Not as easy as it looks.

Finally, let me say that this carnival game also fits on the small blue truck, too.  The truck is built in such a way that this game slides inside the bottom of the truck, so all you see is a green baseplate sticking out the back.

The Lego Fairground Mixer Ticket Booth

The Tiket booth for the  Lego Carnival Mixer
The Tiket booth for the Lego Carnival Mixer

Before you can enter a Carnival, you have to buy a ticket.  Where else would you get a ticket besides the ticket booth?

This ticket booth has a fold-up marquis with blue and yellow 1×1 clearie round plates, and of course a sticker is supposed to go on it (but I never use stickers).

There is room for a minifigure inside, plus there is a little cash register (a printed 1×2 sloped grey tile), and a set of pull-out drawers where the money is stored, and another for golden tickets.

This booth also fits on the back of the truck (yep all three things fit easily the dunk tank, the strongman test, and the ticket booth), and this one holds all the other little items inside like the table that holds the red balls for the dunk tank, as well as the 2 strongman hammers and their storage rack.

The Lego Fairground Mixer Large Truck

The Lego Carnival Mixer Large Truck
The Lego Carnival Mixer Large Truck

This is a big truck – a little big for Minifigure scale, but not unrealistically big if you think about it.  Sure, It would probably have a wide load banner if you saw it driving down the highway in real life, but that’s normal, isn’t it?

This truck has some horsepower.  It has to because it pulls the entire Fairground Mixer ride, transporting it from city to city, as it tours the country.

There are a lot of cool features to this vehicle, from the unique front grille that uses grate pieces, to the old school space laser guns that are used as air horns on the roof of the cab, to the little black levers used as windshield washers.  Even the doors are cool – they are brick built, and open and close just like regular truck doors.

Inside there are some cool surprises that I’ll let you find out as you build it, but let me just say that 2 minifigures can easily sit inside.

The Lego Fairground Mixer Carnival Ride

Now we are on to the main attraction.  The actual Lego Carnival Mixer Ride.  There are actually 3 pieces to this.  The ride itself, the flatbed trailer that it sits on, and the function block that powers it.  I’ll talk about each of the three parts for you.

The Carnival Mixer Ride

The actual ride is pretty big.  Here’s how it works – The ride sits on a trailer, and there are some black steps at the back that fold down and have the controls for the ride on it.  The ride attendant stands here and helps people up the platform, then guides them to sit down on one of 12 seats.  Each seat has a white, glow in the dark safety bar that hold them in place.  There are three sections you can sit it  The three sections are red, yellow and blue.  When the ride is over, there is a small garbage can to throw up in outside the gate.

The Flatbed Trailer

The flatbed trailer has most of the mechanics for the ride in it.  The actual ride always sits on the flatbed trailer, it isn’t designed to come off on its own.  The trailer is pretty long, but it’s only as wide as the big truck so it can still drive down most roads.

At the front of the trailer is a place for it to attach to the truck, and a fold down ladder for the people to climb up on the ride.

When folded up, the three colored sections all line up together and face the same direction.  There is a little lever you move up and down to lock the entire ride in place during transport.  When you are ready to set it up, the three sections gently open up, and then the seats lift up and rotate apart.  There is a decorative top that also folds into place.

All the gears and drive parts are inside the flatbed trailer.

At the back of the trailer is a way to store the long drive shaft, as well as a lift out rack that holds the folding, glow in the dark fence that keeps all the people a safe distance away while the ride is in motion.

The Function Block

The function block
The function block

The heart of the system is a small grey function block that has a large gear that you turn to make the mixer spin.  The mixer actually spins in two circles at the same time, making for a very realistic carnival ride.  First the entire ride goes in one circle.  Then, each of the three colored sections also spins in a circle at the same time.  It’s like you are spinning while going in a big circle.

When not in use, the function block can be stored at the back of the cab of the big truck.  There is a yellow clip that attaches it to the front of the flatbed when in use so it doesn’t move around.  A long Technic rod connects it, and is the drive shaft for the entire ride.

Plus, if you don’t want to use the hand crank function block provided with the set you can add power with the Lego Power Functions modules.

How many pieces are in set 10244 – The Lego Fairground Mixer?

The Lego Fairground has 1746 pieces that build 6 different things – The small truck, the large truck, the dunk tank, the strength test, the ticket booth, and of course the carnival mixer ride itself.

How many instruction books are in set 10244 – The Lego Fairground Mixer?

There are 3 instruction books, 1 small one, and 2 larger ones.  The first one, labeled #1 is the smaller one, is 60 pages long, and describes how to build the small truck, the strength test, the ticket booth, and the dunk tank.  The second book, (numbered #2) is larger, has 80 full color pages, and describes how to build the large truck, and the flatbed trailer that carries the Fairground Mixer.  The third book (numbered #3) is the same size as #2, has 84 full color pages, and describes in detail how to build the actual carnival ride, the fairground mixer.

How long does it take to build 10244 – The Lego Fairground Mixer?

Unfortunately I built this set before I started to really do in-depth reviews on my website, so I didn’t time myself.  I remember that I built it over 3 nights.  Usually I start to build after my 2 year old goes to bed around 7ish.  I set down at my Lego building table, open the box, and sort the bags according to number.  Then I open all the bags numbered 1 and sort the pieces by color.  I put all the blacks together, all the reds together, all the white pieces together, and so forth.  Then I opened the first instruction book and began to build.  The first night I completed the small truck and all the carnival games.

The next night I began with book #2 – I follow the same pattern when building – sort bags, open bags, sort pieces by shape and color, and build.  Usually I build for 2-3 hours because I have to get to bed at a decent hour so I can go to work the next morning. I wish I could stay up all night building, but those days are over for me.

All in all I probably spent 6-7 hours building the fairground mixer.  I don’t rush, or go as fast as I can.  I just like to take my time and build.  It’s fun!

How experienced a Lego builder do you need to be to build 10244 – The Lego Fairground Mixer?

I’ll be honest, this set isn’t easy to build.  The suggested age on the box is 16+ but I think an experienced 4th or 5th grader who has built lots of Lego sets before could probably do this.  There are a lot of different kinds of builds in this set.  2 cars, 3 carnival booths, a large flatbed truck, and the carnival mixer ride itself.  There are Technic details that make the ride spin in 2 directions at the same time, as well as a lot of little pieces that need to be placed in exactly the proper place for everything to work properly.

How many minifigures are in 10244 – The Lego Fairground Mixer?

Lego man with classic space shirt
Lego man with classic space shirt

There are 12 minifigures in this set:  The dunk tank lady, the juggling man, the strong man challenger, the ticket lady, the truck driver, the queasy man, rainbow stars shirt girl, red shirt boy, orange halter top woman, woman in blue shirt, classic space minifig shirt boy, and the girl with the white hoodie.

Does 10244 – The Lego Fairground Mixer come with any stickers?

Yes, the Fairground mixer comes with stickers.  There is one sheet of stickers with the Mixer sticker, the ticket booth sticker, the dunk tank sticker, at fish sticker, a target sticker, a ticket price sticker, some license plate stickers, some atomic mixer logos, and a Lego Amusement sticker.

You will notice from all of my photos that I never put stickers on any of my models.  Call me a Lego purist.  I believe that the blocks should be printed, instead of stickered.

What is the best piece(s) in 10244 – The Lego Fairground Mixer?

Lego Teddy Bear
Lego Teddy Bear

Whenever there is a teddy bear in a set I must have it.  This year two sets had the Teddy bear (part #6055832) and I got them both.  The fairground mixer, and the winter carnival.  There was a 3rd teddy bear that was also included with the spooky girl (but that one is black) of the series 12 minifigure collection.

Should I buy 10244 – The Lego Fairground Mixer?

I always write this section if money were no object.  My regular blog readers know that I don’t suggest every set for everybody.  This is a great set if you love the Lego City series.  It would also go great with the Lego Friends series.  I can even see it being used as a backdrop for playing with the Lego Superhero series.  If you are a fan of Mixels, or Star Wars, or Lego Minecraft, I’d probably pass on this one.

 What theme or group is the 10244 – The Lego Fairground Mixer a part of?

The 2014 Fairground Mixer by Lego is part of the Creator Experts.  These sets can use advanced building techniques, special pieces, and even incorporate Technic components.  In this particular set the build is very unique as the entire carnival mixer ride, as well as the three carnival games neatly fit onto two Lego built trucks.  Plus everything is in the minifigure scale.  The main attraction, the Fairground Mixer uses Technic parts and a complex rotational gear system to accurately mimic a real carnival ride.

Does the 10244 – The Lego Fairground Mixer come with a parts separator?

Yes, Set 10244 The Fairground Mixer comes with one orange parts separator.

What are some of the most special pieces in 10244 – The Lego Fairground Mixer?

There are a lot of special pieces in this set – some of my favorites are the glow in the dark pieces, as well as the hand tools like the shovel, and wrench that the minifigures use.  I also like the red balls that are used for the dunk tank.

What was your favorite component or part to build in The Lego Fairground Mixer?

By far, the best part to build was the actual fairground mixer.  Parts of it were sort of repetitive, as there are three main components to it stacked on top of each other, but it was really cool to see how it all went together and how it became one moving unit that up to 12 minifigures can ride on at one time.

My second favorite thing to build was the strong man game.  That is a game of skill and strength where you use a big hammer to hit a lever which shoots a little shuttle up a rod to ring a bell (if you hit it hard enough), all in Lego minifigure scale.  This was cool, and fun to put together using some different Lego parts to create something that is easily recognizable.

Would you buy 10244 – The Lego Fairground Mixer again?

I would absolutely buy this set again.  In fact I’d buy 2 or 3 more.  One for extra unique parts so I could try to build some other kind of carnival ride, and a couple of other sets to save and store for several years and then resell on the secondary market after this set is retired.  For me, I always buy my sets from Amazon.  Click the orange button below to find the best price.

Thanks for reading this, and if you want, I’d love to hear your comments or if you own or want this set.  If there are any questions I didn’t answer, please ask me, and I’ll be sure to share what info I can.

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