The Prospector, from the Lego Series 12 Minifigure collection

Lego Minifig Series 12 – Prospector

What would you do if you found gold?   That’s what I think about when I see the Lego Prospector, one of the new  minifigs in the Series 12 collection.

Prospector is part of the new Lego Series 12 minifigure collection released in early October 2014 in the USA.

If you can’t find any of the Yellow bags at your local Lego store, you can always check for the  LEGO Minifigures Series 12 – Set # 71007 That’s where I find the best prices all the time. But sometimes I don’t like to wait for the minifigs to be shipped, so I go to Target, or Wallgreens, or Toys-R-Us to find them.

The Prospector, from the Lego Series 12 Minifigure collection
The Prospector, from the Lego Series 12 Minifigure collection

The Prospector is pretty cool.  I really like his hat and face the most.  As you probably already know, when you buy one of these, you don’t know exactly which minifig you are going to get.  There isn’t an easy way to tell what is inside.  Some people say they can find out which one is inside by feeling around, but I have a hard time with that.

The prospector comes with a piece of paper that has a code to let you play  an on-line Lego Minifigure game, as well as with pictures of all the different 16 characters in this series.

He has a very cool brown hat (unique and rare) with a painted on patch, a large pick-axe, and a grey beard piece that goes on his neck under his head.  His pants are brown, and hsi shirt is tan with painted on suspenders.  His hand and face are the standard lego yellow skin color.

This is what the official Lego website says about the Prospector Minifig:

“Whoooey! Mine, mine, mine!

The wacky old Prospector is always trying to get rich with some hare-brained scheme or another. If he’s not digging for gold out in the desert, then he’s hoping to strike oil with his pickaxe, or find buried outlaw treasure, or uncover a crashed flying saucer that he can sell to a museum. None of his plans ever pan out, but he just comes up with a new one and heads right back out into the wilderness to try his luck again.

Some may prefer being a city-slicker with a roof over their heads, but that’s no life for the Prospector. Give him a sky full of stars, a campfire and a tin of beans, and he’s as happy as a prairie dog in dirt. So what will he do with all of that money when he finds his fortune? Why, that’s easy, pardner – he’ll get a new hat, maybe finally change his shirt, and buy himself the biggest tin of beans in the entire Old West. Yee-haw!

What do you like about the Prospector Minifig?  Is he your favorite?  Tell us in the comments below!


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