The Hun Warrior, from the Lego Series 12 Minifigure collection

Lego Minifig Series 12 – Hun Warrior

Is this guy one of the meanest, fiercest, and most dangerous Lego Characters ever?  The Hun warrior is ready for battle, but some say he has a softer side.  

For a complete list of all the minifigs I have reviewed, with full photos in the Lego set 71007 series, visit this link.

This guy is definitely up there with my top 5 favorite minifigs from this series.   He has some pretty cool features including a brown cloth cape, a semi-rare longer sword, and a new custom helmet with removable white horns.

The Hun Warrior, from the Lego Series 12 Minifigure collection
The Hun Warrior, from the Lego Series 12 Minifigure collection

Or to order your own for about $3-4 bucks visit LEGO Minifigures Series 12 – Set # 71007.  Each minifig comes in it’s own yellow bag all taken apart.  You don’t know exactly which minifig you are going to get,  and that is just a part of the fun.

Once you get the bag home and open it, inside there is a piece of paper with a code so you can play a new on-line Lego game, as well as pictures of all the other Minifigs in Series 12.

In the Hun warrior bag, there is also his brown pants, which look like they are torn from battle, A reddish color torso with a painted on breast plate. a shield, a long sword, his hat + horns.  His face and hands are the usual lego yellow, but he has a mean expression on his face.

This is how talks about the Hun Warrior:

“C’mon, I’m not so bad!”

It isn’t easy being a Hun Warrior. Just because your empire has a reputation for rampaging across the countryside, conquering and plundering everything in its path, everybody thinks that you must be a bad neighbor. Well, this is one warrior who’s out to change that view!

Instead of pillaging towns, the Hun Warrior visits them with plates of cookies (though it’s best not to ask what’s in them). He decorates town walls with homemade art, and hardly ever smashes them down and rides over the rubble on horseback. He even baked a friendship cake once, but when he went to cut it with his sword, things got kind of messy. It’s only if all of his attempts to be neighborly fail that he shrugs and goes back to the conquering and plundering. Hey, at least he tried!

What do you think.  Is being a warrior part of his nature, or is he really nice deep down inside?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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