Lego Minifig Series 12 – Video Game Guy

One of the minifigs in the new series 12 just released from Lego is the Video Game Guy.  He is serious about his gaming!  I’ve never really been one to get involved in video games, so this minifig isn’t one of my favorites.  But he still has a lot of detail and a very cool accessory.

The Video Game Guy is one of 16 characters that came out in the Lego Minifig Series 12 collection released in October of 2014.  This series came in unmarked yellow poly bags.  I can’t find any bump codes on these bags.  I think Lego saw some of the previous message board posts about people trying to figure out what each bag had inside, and they removed all markings and indentations from the bags.

I found a display of them at Target, so I grabbed as many as I could. To make sure you get yours, just buy them from LEGO Minifigures Series 12 – Set # 71007

The Video Game Guy from Lego Series 12 Minifigures
The Video Game Guy from Lego Series 12 Minifigures
The Lego Nintendo controller from the series 12 minifigure collection
The Lego Nintendo controller from the series 12 minifigure collection

The Lego Video Game Guy comes unassembled, like all Lego sets in a little plastic bag.  In addition to all the parts for the minifig, there is also a piece of paper with pictures of all 16 people in this series, as well as a black base plate to display the lego man.

This guy has brown hair, with built in headphones (not like the separate headphones found in some of the mining sets), grey pants with a USB drive chained to his belt, a blue t-shirt over a grey long sleeved henley that says player 1.  He has yellow hands, and on his head there is a silly smile, and square rimmed glasses.  The Video Game Guy is holding an old Nintendo 64 style controller that is painted onto a 2-stud smooth grey plate.  I really like painted plates instead of stickers.  But I’m all about the old school.  Forget stickers.  I never use them, just save them with the instructions in my binders.

Here is how the Lego website describes the video game guy:

“Prepare to face my ultimate super mega ultra combo move!”

The Video Game Guy is an expert on anything and everything to do with video games. He’s recorded all of the top strategy tips, memorized every combo, and found all of the hidden rooms and bonus coins – even a few that the game programmers themselves didn’t know about.

Although he’s played every kind of video game that you could name, the Video Game Guy’s favorites are the classics. There’s just something about those clunky old 8-bit graphics and those bleeping, blooping tunes that really gets his gamer adrenaline racing. Plus, it’s way easier to get the high score when nobody else remembers how to play!

What do you think about the Lego Video Game Guy?  Is he your favorite?  Did you get him?  Do you wish you did?  Tell me in the comments below or on Twitter.


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