Lego Minifig Series 12 – Swashbuckler

Looking like one of the 3 Muskateers, the new Lego Series 12 minifigure the Swashbuckler has some very cool features and is one of my favorite characters from the new set.

Released in October of 2014, there are 16 new Series 12 Lego Minifigures.  When I learned about these new ones, I had to go out and try to get them all as fast as I could.  I couldn’t even find these on yet, that’s how new they were.  I’m glad I did go out, because I found the yellow poly bags at my nearby Target store, and they were only $2.99! But you can also get them on-line, guaranteed – LEGO Minifigures Series 12 – Set # 71007

So I bought 20 bags, and had a little party opening and assembling them all.  Unfortunately I didn’t get all 16.  Just because I bought 20 bags, that didn’t ensure that I would get a different one in each bag.  The bags don’t have any markings, so you don’t know which one you are going to get.  Sometimes you get a double.  That’s OK.  You can never have too many Lego Minifigs!

The Swashbuckler from the Lego Series 12 Minifigure collection
The Swashbuckler from the Lego Series 12 Minifigure collection

Inside the polybag is the Swashbuckler, all taken apart, a black base plate for displaying him, and a piece of paper with photos of all the different characters in series 12.  On the back of the paper is a special code so you can play the new Lego game.  I haven’t tried that out yet, because it only runs on a PC, and I use a Mac.

Like I said, the Swashbuckler is pretty cool, and is one of my favorites.  There is a brown hat with a red feather (flame) that sticks in it, and he has a gold sword called a rapier.  He has yellow hands, and a big smile with a moustache and interesting eyebrows.   His pants are a dark brown, almost as dark as his hat, and he has a white long sleeved shirt that is unbutton showing his chest.  There is a decorative red dash painted on with a boat steering wheel in the middle around his waist.

This is how the website describes him:

“Here’s the part where I swing in and save the day!”

The Swashbuckler dreams of adding his own legend to those of the Forestman and other famous heroes. He’s practiced with his sword, learned all about sailing ships and riding horses, and read lots and lots of romantic poetry…and now he’s finally ready to show the world what a dashing and daring hero he can be!

He’s not quite perfect at it yet, though. He’s got the right wardrobe, and he definitely has the shiny teeth and charming laugh down pat, but the brim of his big floppy hat keeps falling in front of his eyes, and his puffy shirt always gets snagged on things at just the wrong moment. Still, if he keeps it up, one day the Swashbuckler is sure to succeed in becoming the true hero he’s always longed to be!

I love that he comes with a gold sword.  I don’t think there are any other sets that have this piece.  He could be Zorro, or one of the 3-musketeers, or a nice pirate.  What do you like about the Swashbuckler?  What is your favorite Minifig from the new series 12?


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