Lego Minifig Series 12 – Jester

Have you seen the Jester?  It’s one of the brand new 2014 Series 12 Lego Minifigures.  There are 16 in total for the series, and this is one of my favorites!

Of all the 16 Minifigs that are part of the entire list of the  Series 12 Minifigs, this is my second favorite (my best is the Spooky Girl).  All of the characters in this set come completely disassembled and individual yellow plastic bags.
I found the Jester at Target in a blind pack for $2.99. But usually I just order them on Amazon because I have Prime. LEGO Minifigures Series 12 – Set # 71007

The Jester from the Lego Series 12 Minifigure collection
The Jester from the Lego Series 12 Minifigure collection
The cards on the Jester from the Lego Series 12 Minifigure collection
The cards on the Jester from the Lego Series 12 Minifigure collection

What came with the Jester?  In the bag was a black base plate that is great for displaying the minifig.  Also there was a folded pamphlet with photos of all 16 figs in the series.  On the back of the paper was a code so you can play the new Lego Game on-line on on your PC.

Also inside was the Jester, a very colorful minifig with a cool hat, and two tiles that are painted as playing cards (a joker, and an ace of spades).    The Jester has pants that are orange and purple with a red belt, and a tunic also in orange and purple, but on opposite sides as the pants.  He also has a hat with orange and purple, and tiny golden balls coming off the sides.

His costume reminds me of the Vatican Guards, or of a Joker (but not the batman kind).

This is how the website talks about the Jester:

Hoo-hoo-hoo! Stop me if you’ve, ha-ha-ha, heard this one, hee-hee, before!”

The ever-jolly Jester just can’t keep himself from laughing at his own jokes. He’s a pro at puns, riddles, tongue-twisters and card tricks, but as much as his audience may appreciate his wacky wisecracks and medieval celebrity impressions, he appreciates them even more. He can’t even get through a simple knock-knock joke without bursting into peals of laughter before he gets to the punchline.

It’s hard to be funny all the time, but the Jester makes it look easy. Everything he sees – and says – tickles his funny bone until he’s left giggling, guffawing, chuckling, chortling, and rolling around on the floor during each performance. And once he gets going, the King, the Queen, and the whole royal court can’t help but join in the fun and laughter, too!

Is the Jester one of your favorite Minifigs?  Yes, No?  tell us in the comments below, or on Twitter!


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