Lego Minifig Series 12 – Dino Tracker

At first I thought this was Katniss Everdeen as a Minifig, but after learning a little bit more I found out this was the new Dino Tracker character.

The Dino Tracker is one of sixteen new minifigures that are part of set 71007, The Series 12 Lego Minifigs.  Each of them are sold in a plastic bag, without any bump codes or anything.  It’s really hard this time to figure out which ones you are getting before you open the yellow bag.

I have found the best prices on AmazonLEGO Minifigures Series 12 – Set # 71007. The regular price is $3.99, but I had to have mine right away so I went to a nearby Target store and only paid $2.99.

Inside the bag is an info sheet with photos of all 16 collectible minifigs, as well as a special secret code so you can play the new on-line Lego game.

The Dino Tracker from the Lego Series 12 Minifigure collection - or Catniss?
The Dino Tracker from the Lego Series 12 Minifigure collection – or Catniss?

The Dino Tracker comes dis-assembled with two accessories, a green syringe, and a black bow with arrow.  She has olive brown pants with side pockets, a brown short sleeve shirt, and a brown vest with a painted bandolier on it, with extra green syringe vials attached.  Her hair is long and brown and in a pony, and on her face her mouth is open and she has a scratch on her left cheek.

I really thought this was one of the characters from the Hunger Games, the bow and outfit were dead giveaways, but the green syringe is what makes it really different.

You can learn more about the Dino Tracker’s history from the website:

“From Allosaurus to Zuniceratops, I’ve caught ‘em all!”

You never know when wild dinosaurs might pop through a time portal or escape from a crazy scientist’s lab. When pesky prehistoric reptiles go on a rampage, there’s only one person you need to call: the daring and dauntless Dino Tracker!

As a member of an elite team of dinosaur hunters, the Dino Tracker has the gear, the experience, and the know-how to take down plant-eaters and carnivores of any size. Moving swiftly and silently, she sneaks up close and then fires a tranquilizer arrow to knock out her titanic targets so they can be picked up and transported to the dino nature reserve. She might get a few scuffs and scrapes along the way, but it’s all in the name of keeping both civilians and saurians safe!

Do you think this is Katniss from the hunger games, or is it really a dino tracker?  Tell me in the comments below.


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